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The Flying Banzini. A brand new experience.

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I invite you to enjoy lunch, supper, or an emergency cheesecake at The Flying Banzini. I trust that you will discover an experience that is delicious, whimsical, fun, and provocative. Not to mention, fast.

Our chefs prepare lofty roast meats carved onto our own soft buns, pressed and grilled as paninis, or as the feature topping on artisan pizzas. And, despite our love for lofty roast meats, you can choose from a unique variety of remarkable vegetarian selections.

Pastry Chef Raelene Harder has been perfecting petite cheesecake for 15 years. Beautiful to behold. Heavenly to taste. And, petite, so you can have two, three, or nine. Cheesecake with altitude.

Restaurant Manager Raye Ann Simpson has a passion for getting your service just right, in a Flying Banzini kind of a way.

Indulge in a glass of meticulously chosen wine. Share a local craft beer. Sip a coffee made from beans roasted just 24 hours ago. Or, comfort yourself with tea that is custom blended especially with our menu in mind.

Or, take your lunch back to work or your supper back home. Our entire menu is available as take out. Online ordering is now available, click the link at the top of this page: pick your meal and pick your time, we will have it ready for you upon your arrival. We also accept phone orders but this is less reliable as, if we are really busy, we don’t always get to the phone.

For larger take out orders — lunch for 12? cheesecake for 2000? — contact The Sweet Banzini directly:

Talk. Laugh. Enjoy.

(website photos courtesy of Sarah Mercer a.k.a. GeekGirly)